The People Outside was originally created at the beginning of the first national lockdown in the UK in March 2020. The original creative team was William Drew, Laura McGrady, Kieran Lucas, Helen Duff, Hannah-Louise Batt and Charles Craggs. The first season was written by William Drew and Laura McGrady and released between April and July of that year, with five out of six episodes being recorded remotely. 

The first season told the story of the fictional town of Corby-on-Sea, a seaside town placed under a mysterious and largely unexplained lockdown. It did this through a radio show called Outside Time, hosted by Stephanie Wayne (played by Helen Duff). Episodes 1 to 5 featured original songs by Charles Craggs.

Guest performers on the first season included: Bella Heesom, Elf Lyons, Tom Lyall, Afreena Islam, Hannah-Louise Batt, Tassos Stevens, Richard Popple, Kate Kordel and many more. 


The final episode of the first season was recorded at Streatham Space Project and featured Let’s Leap by Mesadorm.


Season Two of The People Outside has been made possible through support from Arts Council England. It features the regular cast of Helen Duff and Bella Heesom with a different guest performer each week and a different musical artist contributing an original song. Each episode has a different writer. Episodes will be released weekly between 25th November and 30th December.


The producer for Season 2 is Oliver Seymour. Illustration and web-design is by Bethany Hall.