Charles Craggs wrote and performed the songs for Episodes 1-5 in Season 1 and has written another for Episode 4 in Season 2. He primarily works in theatre and specialises in electronic music.

Mesadorm created and performed 'Let's Leap' in the Season 1 finale.   Formed in Bristol during 2015, their emotive and skilled melding of the pastoral and synthetic is the result of a unique combination of experienced musicianship, diverse cultural tastes and the strong bonds of friendship.

Nico Brown created the music for the opening episode of Season 2. A multi-instrumentalist, he has composed and played original music for theatre companies such as Theatre Lovett, as well as TV and film including Mike Leigh’s ‘High Hopes’, and for artists ranging from Dustin the Turkey to PJ Harvey.

Dog In The Snow is the moniker of Brighton-based, Scottish-Thai musician Helen Ganya Brown, who experiments with existentially-driven lyrics and off-kilter sounds to create a layered musical landscape. Her latest album, Vanishing Lands was released through the Bella Union label. She created the music for the second episode of Season 2.

Garden Centre created the music for the third episode of Season 2. Formed by members of King of Cats, Joanna Gruesome, Towel and Keel her, they make relatively erratic pop music. Some of that music is based on the experiences and memories of a group of people who used to hang out in an abandoned plant nursery.

Bourgeois & Maurice created the music for the fifth episode of Season 2, as well as performing in it. Recognised as one of the leading acts in London’s alternative performance scene, they gave their first performance in 2007 and have gone on to tour the world. Their world is a sexy, stomping, politically-charged echo chamber. 

Astrud Steehouder created the music for the final episode of Season 2. Specialising in atmospheric electronic and acoustic composition, Astrud works with synthesisers, electronics, vocals and guitar both in the project Paper Dollhouse and in other performance, soundtrack and library work.