William Drew co-wrote season 1 of The People Outside. He provided creative direction for season 2 and wrote episode 6 (the season finale). He writes for games and theatre, as well as audio, making work as Venice as a Dolphin and as a Coney Associate.

Laura McGrady co-wrote season 1 of The People Outside and has written the opening episode of Season 2. She is a writer and librettist for theatre and is currently studying an MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media at Central School of Speech and Drama.

Helen Duff plays Stephanie Wayne and has written Episode 3 of Season 2. She's an award winning comedian, actor and voice over artist, seen and heard on Radio 4, BBC SOUNDS and BBC 2's The Mash Report. Her writing for theatre includes Vanity Bites Back and Come With Me.

Bella Heesom plays Ingrid and has written Episode 2 of Season 2. She is a writer and actor, and has produced 2 plays with her theatre company, All About You, both published by Oberon books. She’s on the BBC TV Drama Writers’ Programme 2020, and has TV projects in development with Firebird Pictures, Mam Tor Productions and The Ink Factory.

Kieran Lucas did the sound design and additional composition for all of Season 1 and 2. He is a sound designer, sound artist and theatre-maker. He founding member of Barrel Organ theatre company and associate artist at Coney. His recent work includes The Future Project at Streatham Space Project.

Hannah-Louise Batt co-created Season 1 and played the part of Linda across multiple episodes. She contributed to story development and designed the Poppy’s Puzz in-world website.

Oliver Seymour is the producer for The People Outside, joining us at Season 2. He is a theatre and radio producer (TBI Media and Metal Rabbit), whose recent credits include The Power of Adventure (The Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation), Something Understood (BBC Radio 4) and Pause for Thought (BBC Radio 2).

Bethany Hall did the illustration for The People Outside and also designed this website. She is an illustrator and comic book artist based in London.